TV Commericals

Our TV commercials connect with the viewers, gain their attention, and convey strong messages.

We produce high quality TV commercials for the East Kimberley business community and East Kimberley not for profit organisations.  Using the stunning East Kimberley scenery as our backdrop our TV commercials stand out amongst the crowd.  Our relationship with regional network GWN allows for cost effective commercials that won’t break your budget but will give you the coverage you require.

Why Advertise on TV?

  • Television advertisers are perceived by consumers to be leaders in their markets.
  • Television is perceived to be the most credible and believable medium for an advertising message.
  • Free to air television delivers high advert recall - 85% of all people recall ads seen on free to air TV    
  • Television combines the strengths of sound, colour, sight and motion – it has long been the world’s most powerful medium.  Advertisements on television are more memorable than radio- 80% of all people deem them more memorable. 
  • The average Australian watches 3 hours and 17 minutes of television a day with more than one third of the entire Australian population watching after 6pm on any given night.
  • Regional television offers great efficiencies in cost and market coverage in comparison with press and radio. With its memorability, superior recall and credibility, regional television is the dominant element in any marketing mix.



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