Media Production Youth Workshops

We help young people create video productions that inspire and motivate. The creative process aims to help develop skills and build self-esteem, and the final production aims to inform as well as entertain the wider community. We do media production workshops with young Aboriginal people in remote areas, helping them make their own short docos and help them develop creatively.  We have made video productions with youth for   BIGhART, BigArvo, Indigenous festivals, and Streetwize Communications, producing video productions with young people in remote areas around NSW and Western Australia. We received an award in 2004 - Winner of PALS Schools Reconciliation Awards – Department of Indigenous Affairs - NAIDOC Documentary Kalumburu School –  Produced in a film workshop with Kalumburu school students.   

B Visual Media aims and objectives in training youth in media production

1: To offer a forum to learn communication skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership and literacy. The purpose is to help them express themselves so that they could present the information to a wider audience.
2: build self-esteem.
3. Help create productions that inspire and motivate
4. Inform and entertain the wider community
5. Learn a creative way to express ideas.
6. Increase participation of youth in the arts and help develop a career path.
7. Create new skills and a sense of achievement and self worth in East Kimberley youth, especially the indigenous community.
8.  Develop short docos that highlight the worth of our communities and celebrate the uniqueness of the East Kimberley.
9. Give a voice to young people through media production


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