Corporate Promotional Videos

A promotional video is a valuable asset in your sales and marketing, helping you grow your business, increase your sales and get exposure for your products and service.

The promotional videos we can produce for you are powerful and unique because they capture your audience’s attention by combining breathtaking imagery of the East Kimberley landscape with relevant imagery of your business.  We also use professional voice over artists and get interviews with experts, all this tied together with energetic music, making for a powerful presentation.

The benefits of a corporate promotional video are:                                                 

  • Increases exposure of your products and services and in return grows your business
  • Conveys the emotion of your business and inspires people to take action
  • Compliments and strengthens your existing marketing material
  • An important tool for the sales department at presentations because it speaks for itself, streamlining your sales pitch and keeping information accurate.                                                                                         
  • Can be used in a multiple of ways such as:
    • Distribute your DVD to potential and/or existing clients  
    • Include in your power point presentation at business functions
    • Include on your website
    • Energise exhibition stands by running the production on a laptop computer driving large screen displays



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