“The East Kimberley, My Home My Heart”

The colours of the East Kimberley landscape are unique but a photo can only capture a single moment in time.  Kununurra filmmaker Vicky Biorac has captured this landscape and the essence of living in the East Kimberley in a half hour journey through breathtaking scenery.  

This program highlights the adventurous spirit of the local characters as they take us on a visual journey through this untouched landscape. East Kimberley locals and celebrities that we all know and love such as Ernie Dingo, James Blundell and Andrew Denton talk passionately about their experiences in this amazing part of the world.

If you’re new to travelling the East Kimberley and want to get a taste of what to experience here, or if you’re a frequent visitor to this region and want a unique souvenir, then this DVD is for you. 





From the moment I stepped onto Kununurra soil I absolutely loved the place.  It’s hard to describe the beauty of the area without resorting to clichés but it is truly breathtaking everywhere you turn.  Stunningly shot and featuring some of the town’s very special residents, Vicky Biorac’s East Kimberley DVD captures the spirit of this very unique and wonderful place.

Polly Connolly
Enough Rope with Andrew Denton