Bush Magic Film Festival

There are great stories in these remote parts but no outlet for the telling, now the East Kimberley has it’s own film festival so that we can share our stories with each other at the local annual film festival. 

The Bush Magic Film Festival is about:

1.Our desire is to help young people create video productions that inspire and motivate. The creative process aims to help develop skills and build self-esteem, and the final production aims to inform as well as entertain the wider community. 

2. To let bush children experience the art form of filmmaking that they otherwise wouldn’t experience due to remoteness and lack of facilities.

3.  The festival is a way for  young people in remote towns and communities to show the wider community their way of life.

4. To offer a forum to learn communication skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership and literacy. The purpose is to help them express themselves so that they could present the information to a wider audience.

5. To go beyond negative representations highlighted by the mass media about Aboriginal youth by telling alternative stories, and having the young people highlight members of the community that they see as role models.


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